VRTRIX™Sword& Shield

Bloody Sword, Whinnying Horse, Answer the call of royal heart!

VRTRIX™Sword& Shield

Bloody Sword, Whinnying Horse, Answer the call of royal heart!

  • 01Immersive Interaction Design

    This is a product designed for VR arcade where currently experienced a major problem: monotonous interaction method. VRTRIX™ Sword & Shield is a customized game controller that has the exact same shape and function with the weapon in virtual world, which provide a better level of immersive experience.

  • 02Live in the Game

    Equipped with the advanced indoor tracking technology, VRTRIX™ Sword & Shield is able to stream data at 250Hz with less than 10ms datalatency. Experience living in the game instead of playing the game!

  • 03Intuitive Interaction

    Intuitive interaction to operate, literally no tutorial needed, grab the gadgets and experience the game in VR world directly!

  • Real-time Precise Tracking

    30 infra-red sensors inside to receive laser triggered signal and resolve the precise position (dynamic accuracy < 1 mm) of sword/shield in three-dimensional world in real time.

  • Wireless Connection

    The VRTRIX™Sword & Shield interaction kit can be connected to host PC wireless. And 8 kits at max can operate simultaneously for single host PC with the tracking latency less than 10ms.

  • Creative Industrial Design

    The product physical appearance is designed to match the virtual weapon in the game, which provide a better level of immersive experience.

  • Ultra-Long Battery Life

    The power consumption is controlled by adding power gauge and auto-sleep feature. The battery life under continuous using is up to 9 hours, which is sufficient for arcade’s daily use.

  • Developer Friendly

    Compatible with SteamVR SDK, developers can switch from normal VR game controllers to VRTRIX™ Sword & Shield with minimum change.



Data Update Rate 1000Hz(Cable Connection),250Hz(Wireless Connection)
Data Update Latency <5ms(Cable Connection),<10ms(Wireless Connection)
Wireless Protocol 2.4GHz Proprietary Protocol
Number of Sensors 30 infra-red sensors 1 IMU
Output Rate of Accelerometer (ODR) 1000Hz
Output Rate of Gyro (ODR) 1000Hz
Full Scale of Gyro (FS) +-2000°/s
Full Scale of Accelerometer (FS) +-16g
Sensitivity of Gyro (Sensitivity) 16.4 LSB°/s
Sensitivity of Accelerometer (Sensitivity) 2048 LSB/g
System Voltage 3.3V
Charging Current 1A
Charging Voltage 5V
Battery 3000mAh
Battery Life > 9 hours
Temperature/td> 5°C to 60°C

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