Immerse yourself in a virtual gaming world and interact with it like never before. Our VR integration solution provides a whole-body, fully immersive experience, with you, your friends and family physically inside the action.

   Based on our infrared laser-inertial tracking system and multi-player interaction system, we can tailor system-level VR entertainment interaction solution for our customers. Our high precision interaction system can be integrated with customized VR gaming controllers and real-time tracked gadgets such as digital gloves or ”arsenal” collections for VR arcades to provide higher immersive entertainment experience.

  VR game controllers dominate the way of interaction in most VR arcades, however, because using a controller is not the natural way we communicate with our real world, it is difficult to teacha beginner to understand how it works and get fully involved in comprehensive situations in a short time.

  Our solutions can provide players a world that mixed virtual withreality, that means people can use their own hands to pick up objects from both virtual world and real world simultaneously and they can even feel the real shape, weight, haptics feedback they see in their VR headsets.

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